Dear Virgins,

“S.E.X is a big deal.” “Having S.E.X takes away your innocence .” “Your hymen HAS to stay intact until you’re married.” I bet you hear this all the time and you want to be obedient. You really do. SOOOO BAD. but how can you not have sex when all your friends are doing it and consistently talks … More Dear Virgins,

When they leave..

What’s it like? What is it like for you to be alone? Completely alone. Alone with your thoughts and your conscience. Are you still okay? Are you still happy? Are you the same person? Many people need friends. They need to always be around people so that they can escape their thoughts. Escape that one … More When they leave..


Most of my scars are because of him. LITERALLY. There are cuts and bruises on my body that still has the adventures and the wonderful memories we had together engraved on it. And I don’t mind it to be honest. I love them. As I slowly pass my hand on the bruise above my knee..An … More Non-Fairytale


I’m standing in front of the mirror wearing the sweater that he gave to me before he left and I feel like a complete idiot. But somehow whenever I wear it I can feel him near me. It’s like even though he’s 1565 miles away, whenever I wear his sweater he’s never that far. I can … More Feels